College Campus


The college library has a collection of more than 40,000 text and reference books besides a number of journals, magazines, periodicals, newsletters and newspapers. Facilities of Reading Room and Reference Section are also provided to the students. With the help of the University Grants Commission, a Text Book Section has also been established where a large number of text books are made available to the needy and deserving students.


A photocopying machine has been installed in the library for the staff and the students to make use of it at a nominal cost.


1. Besides the normal college working days, the college Library remains open for students during the summer/ winter vacation also.
2. Every student at the time of borrowing books from the Library shall present to the Librarian his borrower card issued by the Chief Librarian. A student can normally borrow one book at a time.
3. Meritorious students will be extended the facility of borrowing two books at a time.
4. A student must return the books borrowed by him within 15 days. A student who retains a book beyond the prescribed limit shall have to pay a fine of Re.1 per day per book subject to maximum of twice the cost of the book/books.
5. Reference books, rare books, specially reserved and current periodicals will not be issued for home use. These can be consulted only within the Library premises. 6. Strict silence shall be observed in the Library and reading rooms. Students shall not take their personal books or belongings inside the library.
7. A duplicate copy of the Library card is issued on payment of Rs. 100/-. Thereafter, no duplicate card shall be issued. However, a mutilated card is replaced on surrendering the original card for a fee of Rs. 100/-.
8. A student appearing in the University Examination shall surrender his borrower card to the Library for cancellation before receiving his Roll No. Slip. Any student who fails to surrender his card shall be charged a fine of Rs. 200/-.
9. The same student may not borrow the same book for the second time within two days from the date of its return.
10. Any student who loses or returns a tampered book, shall be liable to pay an amount not less than double the cost of the book. When the book is a part of a set or a series, he has to pay the cost of the whole set/ series unless he can replace the damaged book volume.
11. Students are expected to visit the library regularly. Any infringement of the library rules shall incur punishment.


1. Every student on being admitted shall be issued an "Identity Card" which he will carry on his person at all times to be produced on demand by any member of the college staff anywhere in the college premises.
2. The loss of identity card should be reported immediately.
3. A new identity card shall not ordinarily be issued.
4. However, after proper verification a duplicate card may be issued.
5. A payment of Rs. 100/- will have to be made if and when a duplicate card is issued.
6. Identity card must be returned at the end of the session, failing which examination roll number will not be issued.


A fully furnished Girls Common Room has been erected in the college premises keeping in view the requirements of female students. This common room provides various facilities like magazines, newspapers, water coolers, washrooms, indoor games and also a full time female attendant as care taker.


S.P.M.R. College is renowned for producing victors in sports. The college has a splendid playground for Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Handball, Basket Ball, and Badminton. Games are played regularly and every student is expected to play at least one game. After the completion of the admission process, college teams are announced on the basis of the trials and a rigorous selection process. Arrangements have been made for indoor games. Members of the various teams must report punctually for practice and for matches. The absentees will be fined.


Adjoining the Recreation Hall, the college has its canteen. It is in the main campus and caters as tuck shop to the students and the staff at concessional rates. Offlate, Lipton Kisok has also been installed.


Games & sports form an integral part of student's campus life. Students are always encouraged to participate in indoor / outdoor games. Indoor games include chess, table tennis and carrom board. Table tennis which can be played in multipurpose halls and Girl's Common Room. Students are required to take care of the games items they use. tpo get them issued, they shall prove their identity and submit their identity card, which will be returned after the safe return of the items.


Keeping in view the global advancement in computer sciences, the utility of computer education and info-tech awareness has become the need of the hour. Recognizing this fact and to fulfill the objective, the college has set up a computer lab equipped with latest software and internet to provide a wide range of facilities and training to the students and staff.


The college has developed a Conference/Seminar hall fully equipped with the latest teaching aids such as projector, video camera, multimedia, Laptop, TV, CD player, slide projectors and a fully functional public address system, with all kinds of latest gadgets conforming to national standards and ISI specifications. The aim is to provide our commerce graduate a place where he /she can come and get refreshed with not only the latest technology but also to participate in regular presentation of discourses by teachers and guest lectures. The adjoining committee room is used for interaction with the business magnates and various faculty members. Students also participate in group discussions, interviews, presentations, seminars etc. arranged from time to time. While using the facility, students get an opportunity to put into application and focus on "Applied Management"


The fast changing work environment has brought about drastic changes in the career market and the ever-changing globalised environment has thrown open promising and challenging career options. Therefore, it is desirable to help the youngsters in shaping their career right from the very beginning. Keeping this in mind, Job Placement & Career counseling cell has been established to help students get the latest information about academic, career and job oriented issues. For job placement, face to face interaction is often arranged with industrial and commercial concerns. To provide part time job, establishment of entrepreneurs under self-employment schemes and other job related assistance are our proposed operational areas.


Time to time personal counseling sessions, lectures and workshops are organized to help students overcome stress, tension and emotional problems, to inculcate in them the values of positive thinking and to motivate them for higher values in life.


Remedial Classes/ courses are arranged by College to provide help and guidance to the poor and needy students.