S.P.M.R. Talent Club - EXPRESSIONS provides an opportunity to the students to exhibit their talent in the field of literary, cultural and Art related activities. Looking into the multifaceted talent of the students Expressions - The Talent club of the college offer its students an opportunity to develop and display their talent in various co-curricular activities such as debates, quizzes, essay writing, painting, acting, music, etc. Their performance here is used as a stage to prepare them for participating in the various competitions organized by the colleges, the University of Jammu and other cultural organizations. There is ample opportunity for students to showcase their talent facilitated by various clubs and societies like; The College Debating Society, Drama Club, Eco Club, Population Club and Commerce Study Club. Alumni Association parents Association Students welfare council, teaching and non-teaching staff welfare council etc.


The college publishes an annual magazine, KARAN and a Newsletter 'Commerce World' - wherein students having flair in writing freely express their view points. The endeavor of the faculty is to create an environment which is intellectually stimulating wherein students get to understand that success lies in the process of creation.


The crowning hour in the life of students is the Annual Day in which students with outstanding performances in varied disciplines are hounoured. Students with outstanding performance in the curricular and co-curricular activities of the college are awarded with prizes, medals and certificates of merit. While students attaining merits in their subject are recognized and given awards for the same.