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Thursday, June 6, 2024


Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at Govt. SPMR College of Commerce organised Impact Lecture sessions as part of the Mentor-Mentee Scheme sponsored by Ministry of Education under the patronship of Principal Dr. Rajinder Singh.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Rajinder Singh, Principal of the College, encouraged the students to take maximum advantage from the session and develop their skills so as to
become innovative entrepreneurs. He added further that the young mind of students is like a soil that nurtures and develops further with the fertilizer of education and experience.
They must execute what they learn into action. Prof. Ashu Manhas, vice president of IIC committee, extended a formal welcome to the
gathering which was attended by about 70 students. In her welcome address, she informed the audience about the objectives of IIC and the measures implemented by the committee to
improve student learning. In the first technical session, the resource person Dr. Jaganth G, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Policy, Strategy & Entrepreneurship, IIM
Jammu, discussed at length about strategy formulation and design thinking. In his interactive session, he enlightened the students about the core values of thriving entrepreneurs. Today's entrepreneurs emphasize enhancing customer experience rather than
solely focusing on product sales. He also emphasized the importance of ethical considerations for attaining long-term success and gave five major elements of strategy-
staging, economic logic, arenas, vehicles and differentiations.
The resource person for the second technical session was Dr. Sudesh Pahal, Convener Institute Innovation Council MSIT, New Delhi. During her presentation on Innovative Idea Validation, she outlined the five key stages in the entrepreneurial journey, covering ideation, minimum viable product, product market fit, channel market fit, and maturity. With her guidance, the students were motivated to generate fresh ideas, validate them, and
put them into action to address diverse problems. Prominent among those present were Prof. Pawan Kumar Gupta, Dr. Reena Rani, Dr. Mohd Azam, Prof. Ashraf Nawaz, Prof. Ashwani, Dr. Chetna, Prof. Deepshikha, Dr. Fayza, Dr.Madhu, Dr. Roomi Prof. Esha, Dr. Neeru and Prof. Khalid.

The whole event was organised and managed by Institution Innovation Council (IIC) committee members- Prof. Ashu Manhas, Prof. Rekha Gupta, Prof. Monika Mahajan, Prof. Sanjeev, Prof. Shaji khan, Dr. Jagmeet Kaur, Prof. Binny, Dr. Deepak Pathania and Prof. Anwar. The proceedings of the event were conducted by Prof. Shaji Khan and vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Rekha Gupta.